August 3, 2023 Minutes

August 11, 2023



East Dubuque City Hall

261 Sinsinawa Avenue

East Dubuque, IL 61025


August 3, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Please Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

     I.     Call to Order

            A.   Swearing In of New Members / City Attorney Susan Hess

New Members Robin Pearson and Justin Taylor

            B.   Roll Call / City Clerk Pam McCarthy

Paul Largent, Dave Lechnir, Robin Pearson, Deb Redmon and Justin Taylor    Absent – David Kale

            C.   Establishment of Quorum / Chairperson Dave Lechnir

Quorum established

   II.     Procedures

            A.   Reading of the Legal Notice / Chairperson Dave Lechnir

            B.   Explanation of Hearing Procedures and Order of Business / Chairperson Dave Lechnir

            C.   Presentation from Rezoning Applicant – Mary Althaus and Tim Althaus

Want to rezone as business from residential. Note this was already zoned business before. If rezoned the city will have to approve any business that would plan on going there. Why would a business at this location benefit the city. With the city being limited to the zoning space for business development. With new businesses the city has new revenue and is creating jobs.

  III.     Questions & Comments

            A.   Members of the Zoning Board

                     i.  Rezoning Application

            B.   Public Comments in Favor of the Request

                     i.  Rezoning Application

Steve O’Connell – Support business growth in East Dubuque. We need to make sure we keep going forward so that we don’t want to go back to 2008. What is best for his family is a strong community, great school district and financial stability in the town. Don’t want them to be taxed out of their home, must make sacrifices based on taxing in the future. We do this by looking at business growth and development. Success of this community is continued business growth. Tim and Mary are supportive of the community.

            C.   Public Comments Opposed to the Request

                     i.  Rezoning Application

Justin Otto and Tara Bradley – Hopped they had a chance to look over the petition that he had sent in the day before. Haven’t had any traffic evaluation or proper investigation. I’m more concerned about my family’s safety. Kids are up and down the driveway and along the roadway riding bikes and all that kind of stuff.

When talking to the county assessor she told him he could lose up to 10 to 25% based on proximity. Says it will ruin any kind of resale of property. Says don’t want to be a prisoner in their own home.

We are the ones that make up this town and we are asking for your help.

Passed out photo of daughter’s swing.

Deetta Jackoniski – Would like people to come out and watch the traffic that goes on out there. Letting us know about the police presence they have around there. Traffic around the weekend and holidays.

Property values are another thing.

Says they have more than enough traffic out there that they don’t need any more.

            D.   Final Comments from Zoning Board

                     i.  Rezoning Application

Paul Largent – Are we voting to just change this to a business or a business that is coming in.

Dave Lechnir – for the purpose of this meeting is to change from residential to business. Do not know what business is going in there as of now.

Paul Largent – if there was a business that wants to be out there will we need to have another meeting.

Dave Lechnir – Yes would need to have another meeting about the business that is coming in. We are here to vote as to one way or another but not what the finalization is. We can vote it in, but the city council still has the right to say no.

Interim City Manager Bob Seitz – have not received any paperwork to indicate the use of the property. Except for the mention of it on the application. So, there is nothing for us to look at as for the use would be once it’s rezoned. All we have before us is reasonable to rezone this property from residential to business.

Robin Pearson – If did put it to business property what is going to happen to that frontage road and the traffic. That’s up to the city I’m assuming to look at some of that. Is that a county or city road. Who is going to be responsible. My concern is going to be the traffic.

Interim City Manager Bob Seitz – The frontage road is part of the US Highway is a federal which is then taken care of by the state.

Dave Lechnir – there is no plan for that road because there is no plan for a business as of now.

Interim City Manager Bob Seitz – We are not saying there is not anything going in and the owners have been very clear what their intent is. He’s saying the city from their legal perspective we have to deal with what is in front of them.

Robin Pearson – if it would change to business her concern is that the road would have to be revamped enough to handle any business just for the fact of the traffic right there.

Dave Lechnir – can pose it to the DOT to look at that spot and make changes if there is need.

Justin Taylor – Did they say why a second business would destroy property values. (something about being right next door to their property.)

  IV.     Staff Report & Recommendations from Zoning Administrator

            A.   Findings of Fact / Interim City Manager Bob Seitz, Chairperson Dave Lechnir

Interim City Manager Bob Seitz – Number of maps of the area. This is a rezoning decision on this one parcel of land. Looking at the use of it versus the uses in that region and what the best use is from the perspective of the City of East Dubuque.

As to property values had the same sort of questions regarding impacts on property values. He called the county assessor and informed him she could not give any indication of what would happen to property values on adjoining properties. This is important because there is already business property around and already affronting a US Highway.

Recommend is in favor of rezoning.

            B.   Zoning Ordinance Sections

                     i.  Amendments

            C.   Discussion and Possible Action on Recommendation to City Council

                     i.  Discussion and Possible Action to Approve Rezoning Application for Mary Althaus and Tim Althaus at 20170 US Hwy 20 W in the City of East Dubuque, Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Motion by Dave Lechnir to Approve Rezoning Application for Mary Althaus and Tim Althaus at 20170 US Hwy 20 W second by Deb Redmon     ROLL CALL: Ayes – Paul Largent, Dave Lechnir, Robin Pearson, Deb Redmon and Justin Taylor    Motion carried    Absent – David Kale

   V.     Other Business


  VI.     Adjournment

End Time: 7:01 p.m.

Motion by Deb Redmon to Adjourn second by Robin Pearson     ROLL CALL: Ayes – Paul Largent, Dave Lechnir, Robin Pearson, Deb Redmon and Justin Taylor    Motion carried    Absent – David Kale

Pam McCarthy

City Clerk, East Dubuque

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