Notice to East Dubuque Residents

October 29, 2020

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We are getting very close to completing our wastewater plant upgrades.  We have invested $4.5 million in improving the operations of the plant and to bringing it into compliance with Illinois EPA guidelines.  Wastewater plants are sophisticated in their operations but they can be brought down very easily by the wrong things being flushed down the toilet.  Since upgrading the plant we have experienced a large volume of rags and non-disposable items coming into the plant.  We even recovered a size 3X t-shirt!  These items drive up the operating costs dramatically and eventually the residents pay for this in higher rates.  We are asking for your help to keep rates as low as possible.  If it’s not toilet paper don’t flush it down the toilet.  Everything else needs to stay out of the system.  We appreciate your help.  And if you’re missing a size 3X t-shirt. Just let us know!

City Manager Loras Herrig

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